Our hospital includes the following disciplines:

Oral Diagnosis and Radiology : Seek the cause.

Our oral diagnosis and Radiology Department deals with diagnosis of dental and oral diseases through clinical and radiological examination. Which helps in proper treatment planning. Equipped with ‘state-of-the-art’ Intraoral Camera, X – ray unit, Pulp tester etc., we identify your problem immediately.


Irregular teeth and improper jaws are things of the past. Our specialized team of Orthodontists straighten irregular teeth and correct the position of jaws by using modern procedures like myofunctional appliance, economical Begg’s technique and the most advanced pre-adjusted edgewise appliance (straight wire). Our dedicated team also provides surgical / adult orthodontics to cater the increasing needs of adult patients.


Pedodontics : Preserve your child’s precious smile.

Our pedodontists are specialized in oral health care of children with special emphasis on prevention of all abnormalities of teeth and jaws using various methods like fluoride applications etc. they are also trained in management of unco-operative, physically handicapped and mentally challenged children.


Periodontics treat the diseases of gum and the underlying bone that holds the teeth. Using modern technology, our dedicated Periodontists remove harmful deposits from the teeth, treat mobile teeth, undertake flap surgeries, bone grafting, GTR, splinting, cosmetic surgeries etc., because we perfectly understand that your teeth are intended to last a lifetime.


Endodontists are specialized to carry out root canal treatment to clear the infection from the roots and restore the tooth back to normal health. Our Endodontists perform the root canal treatment using world-class equipments like Triauto Zx and other rotary instruments in the shortest possible time. With the advances in conservative dentistry, restoration of grossly decayed teeth with fillings, onlays post core can be made invisible.


A smiling face is always beautiful. And a beautiful smile adds more beauty to it. With latest technology and modern procedures like Bleaching (for discolored/stained teeth), Composite / Ceramic Veneering (for broken teeth), Enamel Contouring, Mucogingival surgeries, we make a great difference to your smile.


Prosthodontics : Bridge that gap.

Prosthodontics deals with replacement of missing teeth and the reconstruction of Oral and Maxillofacial deformities with artificial substitutes. With world-class treatment, we can replace missing teeth by using cast partial dentures, Bridges (NiCr/ Ceramic), Full Mouth dentures, (Acrylic/Magnetic/Implant Supported) to give more natural function and appearance. Our state of the art world-class laboratory with advanced equipment and technology provides perfect replacements in the shortest possible time.


Dental Implants help in fixing artificial teeth directly to the jaws. Our expert team of dental specialists including an oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, Prosthodontist and Periodontist, work together to provide near natural teeth replacement. And we use world-renowned implant systems like Brane mark (Sweden) to achieve total perfection.


This is the most critical branch of dentistry that deals with the surgical management of infections, complex extractions, injuries and deformities of the mouth, jaw bones and associated structures. Our consultant Maxillofacial and Plastic Surgeons provide advanced treatments like Orthognathic surgery, TMJ surgeries, Open reductions of fractured jaw bones, functional repairs of cleft lip and palate etc.

We strictly follow sterilization and infection control procedures.